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Arctic Nordic Investment Grade

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Nordic Investment Grade Fund

Arctic Nordic Investment Grade is a fixed income fund investing in bonds and money market instruments with good credit quality in the Nordic region.

The fund takes positions based on analysis and assessment of changes in interest rate and credit markets. Through “craftsmanship'” we aim to generate a good risk-adjusted absolute return over time, while maintaining a well diversified portfolio.

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Investment philosophy

Our philosophy centres on thorough, proprietary and independent fundamental analysis. Our focus is directed towards the downside with emphasis on balance sheet strength and liquidity. The team is absolute return oriented, meaning it purchases bonds when risk-reward is favourable and stays away when it is not.

Morningstar trophy

Top rankings in recent years

Morningstar Fund Awards:

2023, 2021 & 2020: «Best Fund House: Fixed Income Norway»

2023: «Best NOK Bond Fund» Arctic Nordic Investment Grade

2022: «Best NOK Bond Fund» Arctic Return

Fund Performance

Investment team

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Cathrine Foyn

Portfolio Manager / Partner

Arctic Ansatte 2022 180122 ZSB 3876

Trond Tømmerås

Portfolio Manager / Partner

Arctic Ansatte 2022 180122 ZSB 3850

Vegard Kjølhamar

Portfolio Manager

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The Nordic Fixed Income Market

We believe the Nordic region constitutes an attractive investment universe, with industry diversification opportunities of global scale. The Nordic countries have stable legal and institutional frameworks and are know for their trust-based societies.

Read more about the Nordic fixed income market and the Arctic funds invested in the sector.

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Get invested

You don't need to be wealthy to start investing. As an online client, a sum of NOK 1,000 is enough to take the first step towards reaching your long-term financial goal. All Arctic funds can be purchased online via our online investment portal. The portfolios are actively managed by our experienced investment teams.

We also offer personal advisory service to investment companies and institutional clients looking to invest in the Arctic funds.

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Arctic Nordic Investment Grade is a UCITS credit fund that invests primarily in the Nordics. 

Past performance in the fund is no guarantee for future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level, costs, among others. Performance in the fund may at times be negative and may vary within periods.

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