About Arctic

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Dedicated to bringing financial excellence to our clients

Society depends upon financial expertise, ensuring that private and public capital are well managed. Arctic is driving change in important sectors of the economy, crafting superior market opportunities for our clients.

Arctic is synonymous with high-level performance. We have in-depth knowledge and experience from our engagement in the Nordic markets and beyond.

This makes us the preferred end-to-end financial partner for many of the most demanding and successful companies. We are fully committed to contributing to their success.

An entrepreneurial spirit driving positive change

At Arctic, we craft superior market opportunities for our clients.

The company was founded in 2007 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs who set out to create a financial adventure. Arctic was built on an entrepreneurial spirit that still permeates our culture and inspires our employees.

We create value through our expertise and as a preferred discussion partner. Together with our clients, we drive change in important sectors of the economy.

Enabling new solutions and value creation, Arctic brings the world forward.

Excellence in execution

At Arctic, we have an absolute commitment to integrity, quality, and long-term relationships. We provide excellence in execution every step of the way.

Anything is possible

Arctic's vision is an attitude. It is the endless exploration of what we can accomplish as a team. Our beliefs underlie everything we do. We are very conscious of the importance of working together to build relationships. Our culture is based on highly skilled professionals, working in supportive teams, always looking to serve the best interests of our clients.

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Our core values


An uncompromising commitment to quality, delivering leading expertise while still seeking to improve.


Serving our clients to the full, without bias and in compliance with laws and standards.

Long-term relations

Realising the value of working together over time, and that getting to know each other benefits everyone.

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Legal and compliance

The Legal and Compliance departments provides legal advice to the organization and seeks to ensure that the company conducts its activities in accordance with applicable laws and standards.

Media Relations

If you’re a member of the media and would like to talk, please get in touch

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Arctic Ambassadors & Sponsorships

Arctic is a proud partner of several world-class athletes and sports clubs – matching Arctic’s vision that anything is possible. Hockey player Mats Zuccarello, football player Erling Braut Haaland and golfer Celine Borge are all excellent examples of how we keep evolving as individuals, when we rise to the challenge as a team.

Our ambassadors are great role models bringing enthusiasm to Arctic’s employees, clients and everyone who loves sports. We are excited to notice how our dedicated work with carefully selected sponsorships and elite ambassadors is paying off across the entire Arctic organisation.

Our companies

Arctic Securities

Arctic Securities is a leading, independent Norwegian investment bank, specializing in investment banking transactions and advisory services, securities sales, and trading as well as equity and credit research.

Arctic Asset Management

Arctic Asset Management AS is an independent Norwegian investment manager. We manage UCITS-funds and discretionary mandates.

Arctic Shipping

Arctic Shipping specialises in the international shipbroking market with a key focus on newbuilding and second hand brokerage of assets primarily within the tanker, drybulk, container, chemical and gas segments, in addition to period chartering and project business.

Arctic Offshore International

Arctic Offshore International is a specialized offshore asset brokering and consultancy company and has successfully acted as broker/commercial advisor worldwide over the last decades, negotiating new builds, sale & purchase, charter contracts and advisory services.

Arctic Offshore Rig

Arctic Offshore Rig is a leading offshore brokering and consultancy company with core expertise in sale and purchase, newbuilding and chartering of offshore drilling units, accommodation units, wind installation vessels and offshore fish farming installations.

Arctic Capital

Arctic Capital AS is the capital raising vehicle for direct investments in the Arctic group. Our primary focus is on real estate, shipping and offshore through investments in equity and debt structures.

Arctic Real Estate Management

Arctic Real Estate Management is a real estate asset manager and an authorized external accounting firm in the Arctic Group.

Arctic Alternative Investments Management

Arctic Alternative Investments Management AS is an authorized alternative investment fund manager.

Associated companies


Cleanworld is an independent, leading brokerage company focusing on green certificates related to the production and consumption of renewable energy.

Veyt AS

Data Intelligence provider in the renewable industry with a focus on Green Certificates pricing, analyticas and insights.

Arctic Asia Shipping Pte. Ltd

Specializes in all aspects of shipping transactions for various types of vessels.