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News and latest activity

News and latest activity

Tue 16 Oct 2018

Offerings - Idogen AB (publ) - Rights issue 2018

Idogen AB (publ) – Rights issue of SEK 61m Arctic Securities is acting as financial advisor in relation to the rights issue in Idogen AB (publ). Idogen AB (publ) is referred to as “Idogen” or “the Company”. Shareholders have pre-emptive right to subscribe for shares. Three (3) existing shares held on the record date of November 14 2018, entitles to five (5) new shares. Subscription price of SEK 1.75 per new share. The subscription period runs 20 November – 5 December 2018. The rights issue is secured up to 80 percent through subscription- and guarantee undertakings. A Swedish prospectus and subscription note will be available before the subscription period on Idogen’s website, and Arctic Securities website.

Fri 12 Oct 2018

News - FLEX LNG Ltd - Private Placement - USD 300 million

Arctic acted as Joint Lead Manager in relation to the Private Placement in FLEX LNG Ltd. Through the Offering, FLEX LNG raised gross proceeds of USD 300 million, which will be used for the acquisition of three high-end MEGI LNG carries at DSME with scheduled delivery in 2020 and two high-end X-DF LNG carriers at HHI with scheduled delivery in 2021.

Fri 12 Oct 2018

News - A business model (exclusively) for bad times

Improving the margins in good economic times is a demanding exercise - regardless of sector.

Mon 01 Oct 2018

News - "Att brygga fastighetsmarknad och kapitalmarknad"

Den svenska fastighetsmarknaden fortsätter vara glödhet. I en tid där konkurrensen hårdnar utmanar Arctic Securities – med sin expertis inom både fastighetsmarknad och kapitalmarknad – traditionerna genom nya sätt att skapa affärer åt sina klienter.

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