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Our brand identity is made up of what our brand says, what our values are, how we communicate our product, and what we want people to feel when they interact with us. Essentially, the brand identity is the personality of our business and the promise to our customers. During the Arctic journey the story has become many separate stories, which is now one common Arctic story.

If you have questions regarding our brand and design manual, please email us.

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  1. Arctic Asset Management -

    Månedskommentar Mai 2023

    Nordiske børser falt i mai. Den nordiske VINX indeksen falt med -2,6 % og fondsindeksen på Oslo Børs falt med -2,0 %. Den amerikanske S&P 500 indeksen viste flat utvikling (+0,2 %).

    DNBs nordiske High Yield indeks steg med 0,3 % i mai. Det var oppgang for norske høyrente, men nedgang i Sverige drevet av eiendomsobligasjoner.

  2. Arctic Securities -

    Arctic acted as sponsor for Agilyx on OTCQX

    Arctic acted as sponsor for Agilyx in connection with the quotation of the shares of the company on OTCQX under the symbol “AGXXF” on 21 December 2021. The quotation on OTCQX allows for a broad set of US investors to trade the Agilyx share on a US MTF in US$ via all US brokers. Arctic is currently the only Nordic investment bank approved by OTC Markets as a company sponsor.

  3. Arctic Securities -

    Solid from Arctic in 2022

    For the Arctic Group, 2022 was characterized by a good breadth of revenues from products and sectors. The market turmoil led to reduced revenues and a falling result for Arctic Securities.

  4. Arctic Asset Management -

    Månedskommentar April 2023

    Etter en god start falt aksjemarkedene tilbake mot slutten av måneden etter at høyere enn forventet inflasjon og utsikter til høyere renter tynget markedene.

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