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Our brand identity is made up of what our brand says, what our values are, how we communicate our product, and what we want people to feel when they interact with us. Essentially, the brand identity is the personality of our business and the promise to our customers. During the Arctic journey the story has become many separate stories. Through our brand strategy we have taken the uniqueness of our history and identity to deliver one Arctic story.

If you have questions regarding our brand and design manual, please email us.

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  1. Arctic Asset Management -

    Markedskommentar Oktober 2023

    Geopolitisk uro i Midtøsten preget nyhetsbildet i oktober, men markedsutviklingen kan antakelig forklares vel så mye av økte langrenter i USA, der aksjer og eiendom stadig får en høyere alternativavkastning å måle seg mot. Det nordiske aksjemarkedet steg marginalt (i NOK) under måneden mens Oslo Børs fondsindeks, S&P 500 (i USD) og verdensindeksen falt tilbake.

  2. Arctic Real Estate Management -

    Get to know Norway’s third largest solar facility

    An Arctic-owned warehouse complex in Vestby will soon boast a gigantic solar power plant on its roof. – This facility will meet the increasing demand for energy, provide industrial-scale charging infrastructure, and reduce the carbon footprint, says Nathalie Isabel Sanders, Head of ESG in Arctic Real Estate Management.

  3. Arctic Asset Management -

    Multibillion dollar deal for antibody-drug conjugates

    Late October 19, the Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo and US based Merck, both holdings in Arctic Aurora LifeScience, announced a licensing and co-development agreement for three of Daiichi’s drug candidates. The transactional details reveal one of the most value-rich collaboration agreements in the industry’s history. Daiichi will receive a USD 4bn upfront cash payment from Merck and potentially an additional USD 1.5 billion in the next 12-24 months pending development progression of two the drugs. In addition, each drug comes with USD 5.5bn commercial milestones or potentially USD 16.5 billion in aggregate. Except for Merck taking a lion share of initial R&D costs, the companies will then split global expenses and profits equally between them apart from Japan where Daiichi retains all rights.

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