An international hub for shipping and renewables

Arctic’s office in Hamburg was established in 2020: – Shipping and renewable energy are important for Arctic. Hamburg is an international hub for these sectors and an ideal location for us, says Kjetil R Bakken, Head of Group Strategy in Arctic.

The office building seen from across the street.

The Arctic office in Hamburg has a prime location in the city center. Situated right by the river Innen-Alster, the office is set up to facilitate multiple visitors from other Arctic locations. Recently, the office hosted a successful housewarming attended by 120+ clients.

– Strengthens Arctic and our strategy

Arctic focuses on shipping and renewable energy sectors in the German market. Arctic’s presence in Hamburg is an important part of Arctic’s strategy, according to Bakken:

– We provide corporate and investment banking solutions for our clients, mainly focusing on the shipping and renewable sectors, as well as Nordic documented bonds. These are all important areas for Arctic, where we can provide considerable expertise, he says.

Kjetil Bakken 2022 180122 ZSB 3593
Kjetil R Bakken is the Head of Group Strategy in Arctic.

Being in Hamburg brings Arctic closer to German investors. A physical presence enables Arctic to work towards German investors on relevant projects that Arctic bring to the market:

– Norway is a leading player within both shipping and renewable energy, and natural focus areas for Arctic. With Arctic Shipping and Cleanworld in place in Hamburg, in addition to our corporate finance resources in Arctic Securities, we strengthen Arctic and our strategy even further, Bakken says.

Strong economic ties

Germany is Europe’s largest and the world’s fourth largest economy. Norway and Germany have strong economic ties, and Germany is Norway’s fastest growing export market within the EU.

– Norway is the largest exporter of natural gas into the EU. The Hamburg office represents Arctic’s first continental European office, allowing Arctic to establish and maintain close ties within the German small- and mid-cap client base and the German investor universe, says Niklas Bedranowsky, Branch Manager.

Niklas Bedranowsky

The Hamburg office allows Arctic to establish and maintain close ties within the German investor universe.

– Niklas Bedranowsky, Branch Manager

– The Nordic capital market, especially the Nordic High Yield, represents an alternative funding base for many German issuers, and offers interesting alternative investment opportunities for German family offices, Bedranowsky adds.

Hamburg is home to Germany’s largest and most important maritime cluster and Europe’s third largest port. Many stakeholders within the maritime value chain are connected to the city. Hamburg is also a center for many energy companies, several of which Arctic has established strong relationships with. The city of Hamburg is a strong promoter of energy transition. 

Three Arctic companies – six employees

Today, three companies of the Arctic Group are represented in the Hamburg office: Arctic Securities AS, Cleanworld AS and Arctic Shipping Germany GmbH.

Niklas Bedranowsky, Anton von Rotenhan and Julian Neuhäusel represent corporate finance in Arctic Securities. Fabian Harmstorf and Niclas Karan work in subsidiary company Arctic Shipping Germany GmbH. Iryna Zalevska represents Cleanworld – a leading brokerage firm for environmental commodities.

Dry bulk expertise

Arctic Shipping Germany was established to extend Arctic Shipping’s reach into the German, Central European and the Greek shipping markets. The expertise in the Hamburg offices lies within the dry bulk market – bulk, container, and multipurpose vessels.

– We have had a strategy of improving our market penetration within these markets. The Hamburg office will increase our capabilities to cover clients in these markets significantly, in close co-operation with the Oslo office and our new Tokyo office, also covering the dry bulk space, says Odd Jacob Fritzner, Head of Arctic Shipping.

Odd Jacob Fritzner
Increased capabilities: Arctic Shipping in Hamburg provides expertise within bulk, container and multipurpose vessels.

– We intend to grow
Founded in 2008, Cleanworld is an independent, leading brokerage firm for environmental commodities. Arctic Securities is Cleanworld’s largest shareholder.

The German market is strategically important for Cleanworld, which is why the company has an employee present in Hamburg:

– As the largest economy in Europe, with a large, fragmented energy market, Germany has always been important for Cleanworld. With our presence in Hamburg, we can serve those clients even better, says Aron Simon, Managing Director of Cleanworld.

– Cleanworld intends to grow. The Hamburg office helps us recruit colleagues with relevant language skills to broker for our clients in the DACH (German, Austrian and Swiss) region.

– Aron Simon, Cleanworld

A green partnership

Earlier this year, Germany and Norway agreed to establish a strategic partnership on climate, renewable energy, and green industry, enabling new opportunities for Norwegian companies – including hydrogen and green shipping, offshore wind power, carbon capture and storage, and battery technology.

The Arctic office in Hamburg is well-positioned to play a role in strengthening these relationships and execute on transactions that arise from these economic and structural changes.

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