1. En guide til rentefond

    Et rentefond investerer hovedsakelig i obligasjoner. Til forskjell fra aksjer, handles ikke obligasjoner på børsen. Obligasjonsmarkedet er derfor mindre tilgjengelig og gjennomsiktig enn aksjemarkedet, og er best egnet for profesjonelle renteforvaltere som spesialiserer seg på denne type investeringer. Derfor er rentefond ofte et godt alternativ. 

  2. Arctic signs Women in Finance Charter

    The Woman in Finance Charter is committed to increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions in the Norwegian finance industry. Financial services firms are asked to commit to implement four key industry actions.

  3. Solid from Arctic in 2022

    For the Arctic Group, 2022 was characterized by a good breadth of revenues from products and sectors. The market turmoil led to reduced revenues and a declining result for Arctic Securities.

  4. Arctic's Bond Academy

    Many people find bond investments difficult to understand, and we will do our best to help you. Vegard Kjølhamar, one of the portfolio managers on our fixed income team, will provide some basic knowledge about bonds and the characteristics of these types of investments. We hope this can be useful when considering investments in fixed income funds.

  5. Biotech Investments

    Tune in to listen to the conversation we had with Ulrica Slåne Bjerke, the investment manager of Arctic Aurora Biotech Select and Arctic Aurora LifeScience, on the topic.

  6. Seven Investment Advice

    Investment tips from your neighbor, fear-driven sales due to tabloid headlines, and the belief that you are smarter than the rest of the market. There are many ideas about how to get rich, but unfortunately, it is rare that these result in anything other than lower returns in the long run. Therefore, we have put together seven tips that you can follow when investing.

  7. Saving in Mutual Funds

    There are lots of questions regarding why saving money in mutual funds is a good idea, and how to get started with it. In this movie, we are trying to answer these questions.