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Arctic Alternative Investments Management

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Alternative Investments

Within the Arctic Group, Arctic Alternative Investments Management AS ("AAIM") is an authorized alternative investment fund manager.

The company is fund manager primarily to project companies (SPV’s), typically real estate companies facilitated by Arctic Securities AS, to the extent these are considered to be alternative investment funds in accordance with the Act on the Management of Alternative Investment Funds.

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Alternative Investment Funds

The Funds managed by AAIM permitted to be marketed to non-professional investors in Norway under the Act on the Management of Alternative Investment Funds.

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The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation 2019/2088 ("SFDR") on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial sector requires AAIM to provide information on the funds under management, as well as integrating sustainability risks and negative sustainability impacts into the funds' investment decisions. 

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Torgeir Grimsbo Persen

Torgeir Grimsbø Persen

CEO, Arctic Alternative Investments Management