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Arctic Real Estate Management

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Corporate & Real Estate Asset Management

Arctic Real Estate Management is the corporate and commercial real estate manager for direct investments in real estate facilitated by Arctic Securities.

The company provides corporate- and real estate asset management, advisory and accounting services to investment- and project companies (SPV’s), facilitated by Arctic Securities, as well as Arctic clients.

Current value of assets under management is approx. NOK 46 bn, comprising over 40 real estate companies with over 1 000 000 sqm of real estate, primarily in the office, logistics and industrial real estate segments. The company has offices in Oslo and Stockholm.

Real Estate Portfolio

The total portfolio under management comprises 42 projects, both SPV structures and real estate portfolios/funds.

Gross Real Estate Value

The total portfolio has an estimated total gross property value of ~46 billion per 31.12.2022, making it one of Norway’s largest real estate portfolios.

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Legal & Compliance

The Legal and Compliance departments provides legal advice to the organization and seeks to ensure that the company conducts its activities in accordance with applicable laws and standards.

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Our contribution

Through sustainable management of buildings we can contribute to better health, clean energy, and responsible consumption and production. We can contribute by reducing the negative environmental impact linked to our properties and services.

For us, sustainable building operation means ensuring the longest possible lifetime of products and materials and that the buildings are operated as energy-efficiently as possible.

The work with sustainability must pay off - both for the environment and the investors.

Our responsibility

We will, through our position as asset manager, seek to influence:

  • Investors - provide relevant information so that the investors can make well-considered decisions
  • Partners - put sustainability on the agenda in collaboration with our partners
  • Suppliers – set sustainability-relevant requirements to the suppliers on behalf of the companies under management
  • Tenants – focus on sustainability in interaction with the tenants in the properties we manage

Information from investment companies

Here you will find publicly available information from investment companies.

Personal data policy

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our data processing or Personal Data Policy.

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ESG in Real Estate

Sustainable asset management

Through our clients, we are making sure existing buildings are the preferred choice for tenants, considering sustainable refurbishment options over newbuilds where possible. Implementing new energy efficient solutions, a refurbished building has a considerably lower environmental impact.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency analysis is obtained for all buildings
  • Several BREEAM IN USE certification projects ongoing
  • Process for implementing Energy Monitoring Systems in all buildings have been initiated
  • One of Norway’s largest solar panels projects has been initiated

Social responsibility

The Norwegian Transparency Act sets focus on corporate responsibility for human rights and working conditions in the supply chain. Through our program for supplier risk monitoring and assessment, we are making sure our clients are cooperating with responsible suppliers in the supply chain throughout the real estate portfolio.

Sustainability Report 2023 for Arctic Real Estate Management

We just released our 2023 ESG report: Arctic Sustainability Report 2023

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Our team

Arctic Real Estate Management consists of an experienced team of 30 professionals. The team has broad as well as specialized expertise in commercial and technical real estate asset management and corporate business management, including accounting and financial reporting. The asset management team also has key competency within the value-add and development segment, as well as ESG and energy efficiency field.


Kristian Nordtomme

Kristian Nordtømme

Managing Director, Arctic Real Estate Management

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