On the second free day the traditional Tal Memorial event took place in the chess parlour of V.Dvorkovich.
Today I had the black pieces against H.Nakamura. I won the last round encounter with black against him in the 2011 Tal Memorial. This time he surprised me played the Catalan. It was a fairly ordinary game. He controlled the d-file and I found nothing better than the game continuation reaching the queen and knight against queen and bishop ending. Normally the queen and knight are significantly stronger, but with his slightly exposed king, a draw was the normal outcome.
I try to focus on my own games and results. After dinner today I must admit that it was tempting to send a grateful thought to Tomashevsky and McShane. They were at -3 and -2 before this round. Today both won, beating tournament leaders Morozevich and Kramnik.
With draws in round 6 and 7, I.ve suddenly caught up with the leaders! There.s a five way tie for first (4 out of 7) with two rounds left.
Sunday I.m white against Tomashevsky.
Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 16th, 2012