With only 3 rounds to go I was slightly ambitious about today.s round despite playing black. My opponent Peter Svidler is five-time Russian champion and a regular top-15 for many years. Well known for his anglophile dispositions he is a fanatic cricket fan and speaks an amazing upper class English. He is often observed reading books while waiting for the game to start.
After the opening he got a passed pawn in the c-file and both of us spent much time trying to uncover if it was an asset or a liability. I felt the position was fairly balanced, but when the pawn was one move shy of promotion I was surprised when he suddenly played his queen to the e4-square forcing me to exchange queens. After 15 minutes thought, I fortunately could conclude that the ensuing exchanges and subsequent complications were acceptable for black. I was a pawn up in the endgame, but my knights where both tied up and I decided to go for a 3-fold repetition of moves to force a draw just before the time control.
Ivanchuk won again to move into shared 2nd place with Anand, behind the leader Kramnik and I.m now shared 4th.
Tomorrow I.ll have my last white game, against Ruslan Ponomariov, Ukraine.
Magnus Carlsen