Sustainability Report 2023 for Arctic Real Estate Management

Arctic Real Estate Management is dedicated to sustainability. Our ESG Report provides insight into our ongoing dedication to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance practices.

– This report aims to showcase some of the work we have done in our property portfolio and provide stakeholders with a glimpse into Arctic Real Estate Management as a company. I am proud to introduce Arctic Real Estate Management’s first stand-alone Sustainability Report, says Kristian Nordtømme, CEO of Arctic Real Estate Management. 

Read the full report here: Arctic Sustainability Report 2023

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    Get to know Norway’s third largest solar facility

    An Arctic-owned warehouse complex in Vestby will soon boast a gigantic solar power plant on its roof. – This facility will meet the increasing demand for energy, provide industrial-scale charging infrastructure, and reduce the carbon footprint, says Nathalie Isabel Sanders, Head of ESG in Arctic Real Estate Management.