Get to know Norway’s third largest solar facility

An Arctic-owned warehouse complex in Vestby will soon boast a gigantic solar power plant on its roof.

Vestby 1
From the left: Anne Cleo Styrmo Frazee, Business Manager for the building and Nathalie Isabel Sanders, Head of ESG in Arctic Real Estate Management.

– This facility will meet the increasing demand for energy, provide industrial-scale charging infrastructure, and reduce the carbon footprint, says Nathalie Isabel Sanders, Head of ESG in Arctic Real Estate Management.

VestbyLog Invest AS is an Arctic syndicate that owns Toveien 35-39, an impressive warehouse complex totaling 58,000 square meters. DSV Solutions and DSV Road are tenants on the property. The property includes warehouse facilities, terminals and office spaces.

To cover both the landlord and tenant’s ambitious goals within sustainability, a gigantic solar power plant is currently being installed on the roof of the entire structure. The installation is set to be finished within 2023. Once in operation, this will be Norway’s third largest solar facility installed on a commercial building (measured in effect).

As of 2023, the facility will have a system effect of 3,000 kWp and produce an estimated 2.490.000 kWh yearly.

Prepared for the future

Just like any logistics business, the property and today’s operation have a steady and increasing need for energy. Both the landlord and tenant recognize that this need will increase even further the coming years. Moreover, there are plans for large-scale electric transportation, creating a need for efficient charging in the future.

– The sheer size of this system obviously means that it will produce lots of energy. It is important to store that energy for future utilization, for the environmentally friendly electricity to be consumed in the best possible way throughout the year. This is a decisive factor in reducing the total carbon footprint, and we are determined to tackle this challenge, Sanders says. 

– A commitment

Once the facility is installed, the property in Toveien achieves energy character A. This underpins Arctic’s commitment to green properties in practice, and is a good example of Arctic’s green vision, according to Sanders:

– Through investing in green properties and sustainable energy solutions, we are reducing our emissions and laying the foundation for a better and more energy efficient future. Projects like Toveien has major environmental benefits and is a great step in the right direction to strengthen our engagement for sustainability and protecting the environment, she sums up.

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