• Simris Alg AB (publ) - Rights issue 2018

    Simris Alg AB (publ) – Rights issue of SEK 24.5m Arctic Securities is acting as financial advisor in relation to the rights issue in Simris Alg (publ). Simris Alg AB (publ) is referred to as “Simris Alg” or “the Company”. Persons, who on the record date 22 August 2018 are shareholders of Simris Alg, have pre-emptive rights to subscribe for new shares in the rights issue, whereby five (5) existing shares entitle to subscription for two (2) new shares at a subscription price of SEK 6.50 per share. The subscription period runs 27 August - 10 September 2018. The rights issue is secured up to 80 percent through subscription- and guarantee undertakings. A Swedish Memorandum and subscription note will be available before the subscription period on Simris Alg’s website, www.simrisalg.se and Arctic Securities website.

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