In round 2 on Sunday our team drew all the games against Finland despite a clear rating advantage on every board. After finally having equalized with black against Nyback in the late middle game I blundered with a6, and was fortunate not to get into real trouble.
Our 2nd team in the Open group made the headlines holding the strong Ukrainian team to 2-2 with the reigning Norwegian champion Frode Urkedal beating Ivanchuk on board one!
After a less than optimum start, the Norwegian team has turned the trend with two strong victories in round 3 against Montenegro and today against (15th ranked) Polen.
With the white pieces won both my games. Yesterday Hammer won as well and today both Hammer and Agdestein had good winning chances at some point.
In my game against Anand-second Wojtaszek I chose an unusual opening to get a complex structure and a game outside theory from early on. As I was hoping I managed to outplay him in the middle game and won quite comfortably.
Tomorrow I expect much more difficult opposition as we.ll face Armenia (with World no 2 Levon Aronian on board one). Rating-wise they are only a slight favourite, but their Olympiad merits are simply astonishing having won 3 of the last 4 Olympiads!
The team spirit and general mood in the Norwegian team is excellent. We are playing football nearly every night and the location and quality of the (Rica Ishavs-) hotel is good. My teammates even have two of my main sponsors Arctic Securities and Simonsen Vogt Wiig on their shirts as these firms are sponsoring the Norwegian team in the Olympiad.
From the impressive opening ceremony onwards, it is fair to say that the organizers have done a good job so far, and I look forward to the continuation!
Magnus Carlsen, Tromsoe, August 5th, 2014