In round 12 today Nakamura played the Kalashnikov Sicilian, and I chose the solid but somewhat unusual 6.g3. His early h5 looked a bit awkward but I think he was doing fine until Be6? Keeping the bishop with Bd7 would have been better. He desperately tried to create activity but my light squared bishop on e4 and the pawn on d5 tied him down. When he allowed f6 it was more or less over, and I finished in style with pawns on e6 and f6!
A few minutes later Aronian and Giri agreed to a draw, and I.m the happy sole winner of Tata Steel Chess 2013 with one round to go!
Aronian, who after his early loss to Anand has kept pace with me after the first rest day, is shared 2nd with Anand.
I need a draw tomorrow to equal Kasparov.s tournament record of 10/13 from 1999, and a victory would yield a new record.
It is pretty exciting in the other groups with Naiditsch, Movsesian and 16-yr old Rapport sharing the lead in the B-group and Peralta and Brunello both at 10 points in the C-group. (Incidentally I had the same score after 12 rounds in the C-group back in 2004.)
The last round starts at noon Sunday. For once I don.t mind the early start. slept very well in Wijk this year and feel unusually fit taking into account the long tournament.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 26th 2013