I got into trouble again with the black pieces today. My opponent was 18-yr old Anish Giri. He played quite accurately after the opening by taking on c6 and destroying my pawn structure with c5. I could not hold on to any of my c-pawns and needed counterplay against his king. At the critical moment I assumed he would not play Qa3 allowing the piece sacrifice Bxb3 axb3 Rxb3 with my queen still on the board: After Qd6 and Qa6 I could indeed sacrifice the bishop on b3. After the exchange of queens the position was equal, and he took my bishop allowing a perpetual. Draw, and 10 points out of 13.
For the first time in ten years, I.ve gone through the tournament undefeated☺,
It is definitely my best tournament result since Nanjing 2009. I am very satisfied with the fact that I exploited all the advantageous positions I got with white, and held some difficult ones with black.
Aronian came 2nd with 8.5 ahead of Anand, who lost to Wang Hao today, and Karjakin at 8.
Objectively I think we can conclude that the 2013 edition of Tata Steel Chess saw an exceptional level of fighting spirit in all three GM groups. A low draw percentage, few short games and many spectacular fights.
Naiditsch and Rapport shared first in the B-group while Brunello scored +9 clinching C.
I.m happy that the Tata Steel Chess tradition will continue in 2014 and hopefully for many more years.
Many thanks to the sponsors, volunteers, tournament director Jeroen van den Berg and the organizing committee for staging an excellent event!

I.ll spend a few days back home next week before going to the Parallels Summit in Las Vegas February 4th and 5th.

Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 27th 2013