The highlights for me the last few days was the traditional football match against the Dutch squad today as well as the even more traditional sponsor dinner with Tata executives yesterday.
The round 3 and 4 results were less notable.
In the game against Anish Giri Monday I had the white pieces but allowed him to equalize with a nice sequence out of the opening. Shortly after I blundered a whole piece due to an elementary oversight and felt no urge to continue the game. 0-1.
Yesterday as black against Ponomariov I found a way into a Hedgehog-like position and was doing all right. He had put a knight on c6 and I had the choice between the adequate resource Nb8 or the more aggressive Ne5 both aimed at attacking his knight. I chose the latter due to an oversight far down a long line (which turns out to be losing). After his Bf4 I discovered the fault in the intended line and had to find close to ten only-moves to survive his ambush. A draw was agreed in a fairly equal ending. The number of oversights has been much to high on my part in the first four rounds but the fact that I pulled myself together and defended well when required yesterday counts as a plus going into the next four rounds Thursday to Sunday.
Anand beat Wang Hao yesterday to join early leader Nakamura at the top with 3 out of 4 points. With 1.5 points got some catching up to do.
Thursday I.m white against Dutch Erwin l´Ami.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 19th 2011.