I turned 21 yesterday, and any plans I might have had to do something special was not realistic considering the timing in between Tal Memorial and London Chess Classics. I spent the few days after Moscow at home, did some media interviews, sponsor activities, annotated a game and tried to rest as much as possible.
The last round of Tal Memorial provided one of the best presents I could have had. I managed to win with black against Nakamura, and as Aronian drew with Nepomnichtchi I won the Tal Memorial 2011!
Aronian and I both got 5,5/9 but I had the better tie-break due to an extra black.
(Money prizes were shared this time.)
Karjakin, Nepomnichtchi and Ivanchuk shared 3rd followed by Svidler, Anand, Gelfand, Kramnik and Nakamura.
It was quite an exhausting tournament with lots of fighting chess. The relatively few decided games was in my opinion not caused by lack of trying but rather an amazingly stubborn defence put up by nearly all the players when faced with unpleasant and difficult positions.
The 6th Tal Memorial was a success and I sincerely hope the able organisers continue this great tradition.
Five of the players from Moscow (me, Anand, Aronian, Kramnik and Nakamura) had a short break only and are ready for London Chess Classics starting Saturday. We are joined by four strong English players (Adams, Short, McShane and Howell).
With 9 players we are playing 9 rounds and each player has a walk-over and will on the individual free day comment on the other games live from the playing venue.
Friday at 2 pm there is a press conference at the Olympia Conference centre after which a game against "the world" will be played via twitter. Join us!

Magnus Carlsen, London, December 1, 2011