Today.s game against Anand was probably our last encounter prior to the World Championship match in November in Chennai, and it attracted quite some attention from the photographers at the start of the round.
Letting him off the hook in a very promising position in our game in Norway Chess last month, I was of course disappointed and been looking forward to our game today.
As white I had a small advantage out of the opening due to the open c-file and his restricted bishop on b7. When he retreated the bishop to c8, the position was already uncomfortable for black. The f3-e4 break was advantageous exactly because of the game continuation with the immediate d5-break after he exchanged pawns on e4. He had probably missed the Bh3 resource winning back the pawn and creating a dangerous passed pawn. After another inaccuracy or two his position was totally cramped. My e-pawn will finish the game, and he resigned on move 29. I.m very happy to have played quickly and confidently, but I got a lot of help from my opponent today. I expect V.Anand to show his true strength in November.
In round 2 to 4 I drew with black against Karjakin and Andreikin, and lost painfully to Caruana in between after blundering a pawn in the middle game and miscalculating the rook ending.
Nakamura and Gelfand, who won against Morozevich today, are leading with +2 after 5 rounds while I.m shared third with Mamedyarov at +1, with 4 rounds to go.
Still, I cannot really complain about the tournament so far, having beaten both Kramnik and Anand, two of my main competitors over the last few years.
The playing venue is about half an hour walk from the Ritz-Carlton, and enjoyed the walk to and from the round thus far.
Wednesday I.m black against Gelfand, and on Thursday there is a second rest day.
Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 18th, 2013