At 15 I was invited to the first edition of Tal Memorial back in 2006. It was my first super tournament and a great experience despite seven draws and two losses.
This is the sixth time I play the Tal Memorial, and I got off to a really god start today.
The Blitz yesterday was both a separate tournament and it determined the pairings of the main event. I played reasonably well for about six and a half games yesterday, but when I managed to lose the 7th game despite a highly promising position, it well downhill fast. Anyhow, 50% score was enough for 5th place and I chose starting number 4, playing second-seeded Vladimir Kramnik with white today in R1.
I think I managed to surprise Kramnik in the opening with the Trompovsky. I did not get much of an advantage against his choice of mainline, but the position was imbalanced and quite interesting.
When he played 19.. Qf5 I thought I could get a promising ending a pawn up. It turned out I had missed his 24.. Rxd4 trick leaving his knight en prise at b6 as my knight got trapped on c5 after capturing on b6.
The ensuing rook and bishop ending did not promise much, but with the better pawn structure it was enough to play on.
In the 5th and 6th hour of play he surprisingly made a few mistakes and when he exchanged rooks, the bishop ending was simply a matter of technique. 1-0.
Caruana outplayed Anand with black and Mamedyarov demolished Nakamura.s kingside as black in a Ragozin. Gelfand-Karjakin and Andreikin-Morozevich ended in draw.
Friday I have the black pieces against Norway Chess winner S.Karjakin.
Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 13th, 2013