In connection with the Tal Memorial it is organised a strong blitz tournament. This year it has the status of World Blitz Championship 2009.
The 10 players from the Tal Memorial participate as well as the top six of the qualifier organised in February this year in Moscow in connection with the Aeroflot Open tournament.
Six players have been specially invited making the total 22 players which include all top10 except V.Topalov. All play all twice with 42 rounds over three days.
The time control is 3 minutes per player per game plus 2 seconds extra per move (to avoid the worst time scrambles).
I got a good start today beating Ivanchuk and Kramnik and scored 10 out of 14 after 9 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. Many of the games were interesting, but the quality varied as it is hard to maintain full concentration throughout every game in such a long tense session.
Reigning world champion V.Anand impressed everyone with 12 point and is the clear leader. I.m 2nd after day one.
We play 14 more games both Tuesday and Wednesday.
Magnus Carlsen