Alexei Shirov is a reknown fighter with an impressive ability to calculate tactical lines.
His rating has been unstable for many years but at his best he can win any tournament (as for instance Sofia 2009 and Shanghai 2010).
After a somewhat lucky victory with white in Drammen back in 2005 had a number of tough encounters with Shirov and my white score is quite good.
After the somewhat unusual 13.Nd4 e5 variation in the Slav the main benefit for white is probably that it is difficult to play black unless you are well prepared. Shirov spent most of his time on the next 6 moves but still ended up in a rather unpleasant position.
In retrospect I feel I relaxed a bit too much at this point and probably didn.t find the shortest way to victory. 26.Bc4 was based on the planned continuation 28.Rc6 which I did not like when discovering the subtleties of the Bxf2 variation. Despite the extra piece there does not seem to be an easy win for white, if any.
I went for Rc8 instead. Short on time and with a vulnerable king he made two decisive mistakes and resigned a few moves later.
6 points after two games is quite unusual for me:-)
(I had the same in London 2009 but after two white games.)
Lagrave seemed to be winning against Morozevich but let him off the hook and later lost after an inexplicable piece blunder.
Morozevich has 4 points in 2nd , Caruana in 3rd 2 points, the others 1 point.
Wednesday I.m black against runner-up Morozevich at the usual time 2 pm.
Magnus Carlsen, July 19th, 2011