The opening as white against Bacrot went okay. His 7.. Ng4 was a surprise, but anyhow I was happy with my position. It is difficult to say what went wrong (or what went on basically). Fair enough, Bacrot played very well in the complex middle game. I don.t think I made any obvious mistakes either, still black was somewhat better. In mutual time trouble he made a few inaccuracies and after the time control I was again fairly optimistic.
Wang Hao won quickly against Anish Giri after the mistake e6?
Hence I knew quite early that I had to win the endgame.
As in the first game against Bacrot, I had missed something in the chosen continuation. Rh8 turned out not to be the best plan. He defended well and held the draw.
Bologan tried the Benko Gambit for the third time. Nakamura kept the extra pawn and managed to grind out a win from the rook and knight endgame.

Congratulations to Wang Hao for winning the tournament with 19 points (and 6 victories)!

I got 18 and 2nd place in the end, and I just have to be happy to go undefeated and +4 in Biel this year as well.

Giri and Nakamura shared third at 16 points - normally enough to win a 6 player double round robin!

Lesson learned over the last 11 months: With +2 I.ll win (Bilbao + Tal Memorial twice), if I score +3 or +4 I.ll be second or third (London, Tata, Biel) :-)

The closing ceremony will be tomorrow after the finish of the 11th round of the Master tournament.

As last year I was very happy to play in Biel, and the organizer deserves praise for a great tournament! Thank you!

Magnus Carlsen, Biel, August 2nd, 2012