Cleanworld is a leader in broking green certificates, including Guarantees of Origin. The market is growing rapidly and spreading to new products and areas. It is driven by increased requirements as to the production and consumption of renewable energy in Europe and the rest of the world.

 “We are very impressed by the position that Cleanworld and Greenfact have established in the market. We look forward to the companies joining us in the Arctic group and working with them to build a position as the leading centre of expertise with respect to broking, research and corporate services in the field of renewable energy”, comments Mads H. Syversen, CEO in Arctic Securities.

 “Arctic is experienced in building businesses and like us has high ambitions. With its know-how and platform of investment banking services, offshore and shipbroking Arctic is the right partner for us. Together we have many exciting business opportunities ahead of us», adds Bjørn Syslak, founder and Vice-President in Cleanworld.

 Arctic’s engagement in the renewables sector is led by Harald von Heyden. Harald has extensive experience in renewable energy from Norway and internationally, including positions in Statkraft, Vattenfall, Axpo and lately as head of Agder Energi’s expansion in continental Europe.

 “We are now in a position to develop one of the most exciting and fast-growing platforms for trading certified renewable energy. This will reinforce our knowledge and understanding of how leading participants in the renewables market are developing”, comments Harald von Heyden.

 Morten Markus, the Chairman of Cleanworld and Greenfact points out that the two companies, with Arctic as strategic main shareholder, will have a considerably strengthened platform for further growth in order to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are steadily emerging in a market in rapid development.

 “The transaction confirms our position as a preferred partner for broking all types of green certificates”, adds Robin Timoteo, CEO of Cleanworld in a comment.

 Complementing this investment, Arctic has also employed Hans Gunnar Nåvik as a senior analyst with sector responsibility for the renewables team in the research department of Arctic. Hans Gunnar is a well-known expert in the field and, among other things, founded the research company Nena.


For further information, contact:

Mads H. Syversen, + 47 484 03 101

Morten Markus, + 47 908 79 907