Both were out of book early in the game today. I must admit I wasn't sure what was going on in the opening but managed to find some good moves. Aronian, who is 2nd ranked in the world, tried to create activity without really succeeding. I had a winning position when I went for 34.exf7+ (instead of winning the exchange with e7) and had calculated the game continuation with bishop and knight against rook until his 43.....g5! which I had missed. I thought white should still be winning although it was a very complicated ending. After 6 hours play he resigned and I'm in the sole lead with 2.5/3.
Have had 3 long games thus far and I'm looking forward to the first free day Wednesday. But first black against Caruana tomorrow (who is shared 2nd with Aronian and Radjabov).
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk, Jan. 16th 2012