Round 7 and 8 turned out very differently for me.
Against reigning World Champion V.Anand in round 7 I got nothing out of the opening. I must admit it was a bit of a surprise that he played the Sicilian, that he subsequently chose the 6. e6 line and that he knew or found the way to equalize after 9.Nce2.
After exchange of queens he offered an early draw which I decided to accept.
Nakamura use the chance to win again to take sole lead.
In round 8 Sunday I played white against Nakamura and as opposed to the day before I felt both good and very ambitious. He played the Sicilian against my 1.e4 and I went for the aggressive 9.g4.
In the middle game his moves was all pretty natural but Qc5 was probably one preparatory move too many. After 20.g6 black is fighting an up hill battle. In a difficult position he blundered with 28.. Qxd5 which loses by force to the bishop sacrifice Bxh6!
Going into the free day Monday six players were within half a point with Anand and Nakamura in the lead.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 25th 2011.