I'm not particularly happy with draws in round 5 and 6 but for different reasons. Today against Navara I equalized from the opening and when he allowed Nxe4 he had to find some accurate moves to stay afloat. However, he duly did, and after a short tactical skirmish it turned out that the only way I could keep an extra pawn was by exchanging my last rook, which would lead to a dead draw. After some soul searching I returned the pawn and tried to make progress in an equal position with rook and opposite colored bishops. Faced with move repetition as the alternative I exchanged three pawns for his bishop and he fairly easily forced a draw with pawns on h6 and f6 in the end.
Yesterday against A.Giri I was clearly better from the opening but squandered the advantage when moving my rook to h5 as it had to return to h1 a few moves later. His long diagonal threats made me sacrifice an exchange to gain the initiative but he could sacrifice back on e6. After he played Qe4 a few moves before move 40 (with a draw offer) the ending is slightly better for white. As evidenced 20 moves later not enough to win.
Aronian won again today to take the sole lead. Radjabov had the initiative and eventually brought home the win to join me in 2nd with 4/6.
Tomorrow I have white against Gelfand who lost to Nakamura today.
The huge crowds outside the hotel this morning was caused by a ship grounded on the beach nearby the hotel. Hopefully no casualties involved.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 20th