Two rest days this week, Monday and Thursday. Both Aronian and I drew as white last Sunday and shared first at +3 back then. My draw was a comfortable slightly better ending as black against Radjabov where he defended well and I let my advantage slipped just before the first time control.
In round 9 and 10 yesterday and today, Aronian moved ahead to 7.5/10 by winning against both Caruana and Giri in part thanks to excellent opening preparations.
My own play has been beneath criticism. Yesterday I blundered in the early middle game allowing the more or less decisive d4! and continued to make mistakes throughout the game to lose in the end.
Today against Nakamura I equalized from the opening, but after the exchange of white-square-bishops I accepted his early draw offer as there was very little play left in the position.
Ivanchuk is currently 2nd with 6.5 points after two wins in a row. Going into the final weekend, I.m shared third at 6 points together with Radjabov, who escaped with a draw offer against van Wely in a lost position on move 40 today.
All I can do is try to play as well as possible and hopefully improve my current standing in the competition.
Friday I.m white against out-of-form Topalov, followed by white against Kamsky Saturday and black against Van Wely in the last round.

Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 25th