A draw would secure sole victory for Aronian in the last round of Tata Steel Chess 2012, and he needed just 10 minutes and 12 moves to share the point with Radjabov. Congratulations! A well deserved victory.
The early last round has never been my favorite, but I managed to muster sufficient motivation to play for a win as black against van Wely.
The Stonewall variation is a little better for white, but I managed to equalize and was quite optimistic after e5 and Rxe5. Qe6 was a mistake as his response f4 forces enough exchanges to make it fairly easy for white to reach a drawn ending. In retrospect I should have tried d4! instead and the game would be alive.
Caruana outplayed Gelfand in a queen ending to reach +3 and tie for second with me and Radjabov.
Overall +3 is not a bad result, it was my expected score. Taking into account the unacceptable number of blunders I made in the second half of the tournament the end result could well have been worse. Hence I.m somewhat unhappy with my own play but not the result.
It is not surprising that most of the competitors (including myself) make more mistakes than usual during such a long event held in the dark of winter but I need to try to find a remedy for the future.

My impression was that the well-organized event (chess festival really) experienced more visitors than ever and I hope to be invited back for the 75th edition next year. I.d like to thank all the people involved in the organizing committee as well as all the volunteers!
Interestingly the main Tata Steel speaker at the prize giving expressed his hope that this unique tradition will continue beyond next year and this is the first time I.ve heard anything about prospects beyond the 2013 jubilee. Great news!
I travelled back to Norway on the morning flight together with my father and sisters Ellen and Signe (who had visited the tournament the last week) and look forward to a week or two of relaxation.
I don.t know when my next tournament will take place. This is unusual for me, but hopefully blissful ignorance will make it easier to properly relax and recharge the batteries for future challenges.
Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, January 30th, 2012