My objective this weekend was a solid finish. I.m not complaining about 1,5 points from round 11 and 12, but the number of oversights are reason enough to worry.
Against Topalov I was over optimistic in the early middle game. I missed his Nxb2 and hallucinated about a mating attack only to find out that he had a safe haven on h7 in the critical variations. Fortunately for me he missed a critical line of defense and when surrounded by four of my pieces he lost patience and went for a queen sacrifice resulting in an imbalanced ending with my queen and four pawns against his rook, two bishops and two pawns. He should probably have activated his rook. Instead he allowed me to push the h and g-pawns to create decisive threats against his king and to win in the end.
Aronian played white against tail-ender Navara but the latter was better prepared and played an excellent game to win in style and resurrect some excitement into the tournament.
Today as white against Kamsky I felt in a fairly good shape and was happy about the anti-Marshall opening. At the critical moment I saw that f4 was better for white but thought c4 was more or less winning as I had missed his Kh8 reply. He was better instead and consequently I had to defend accurately for the next few hours to secure a draw an exchange against pawn down. Yesterday I got away with several mistakes while today one was enough to spoil the game.
Gelfand had a comfortable position dominating the black squares on the queenside against Aronian, but his positional patient approach was too slow as Aronian managed to stir up trouble on the kingside and mate him.
Radjabov played a short draw against Ivanchuk while Nakamura won against van Wely.
With 7 wins (and 2 losses) Aronian already has 8,5 points and is a full point ahead of Radjabov and me before the last round. Ivanchuk, Caruana and Nakamura are also in contention for top 3 with 7 points.
Sunday Aronian is white against Radjabov and needs a draw to clinch tournament victory. I.m black against van Wely, and I just want to do my best to finish in style.

Magnus Carlsen, Wijk aan Zee, January 28th