In round 6 before the last rest day I had black against the 2012 World Championship Challenger Boris Gelfand. He did well in Alekhine Memorial just after the Candidates and has played well here in Moscow too. We reached an ending that was slightly better for him, and after a twofold repetition I expected him to play on and chose to decide on the preferred continuation myself instead by deviating. In his time trouble I nearly managed to get a lost position. Fortunately I held the draw, and in the end it was Gelfand who had to make a few precise moves.
Yesterday against Morozevich I had an off-day. He surprised me with the Caro-Kann, and I missed too much in the continuation to create any serious advantage. A fairly uneventful draw.
Today was a different story!
I had white against Nakamura. Surprisingly he made a mistake already on move 13 (e5) and I built a strong centre to get a completely winning position. He tried to complicate matters with the g5-break and nearly succeeded. Low on time I allowed simplifications to an ending an exchange up for a pawn. If he had taken .the bait. one move earlier I might have had to settle for a draw. Fortunately for me he made a few inaccuracies and I won after about 5 hours play.
Before the last round . I.m black against Mamedyarov . I.m sole second half a point behind Gelfand, who is black against an off-form Kramnik Sunday.
Four more players are in the race in shared third half a point behind me.
As in 2011 and 2012 I probably need to win the last round to have a serious shot at first.
In theory several players may still win the tournament and the audience may expect another great finish to the prestigious Tal Memorial!
Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 22nd, 2013