In round 4 against Grischuk (ranked no 11 in the world), I played 1.e4. He played a Roy Lopez main line that is somewhat unusual for him. I accepted a bad bishop on g3 to reach a promising position where all my other pieces were well placed. I could have gotten an advantage by taken on e6 but wanted more. The game became very sharp and as it turned out I was more optimistic than the position warranted. Around the time control we repeated moves. Despite the draw, it was a very interesting game and great fun to play. I also think we both played fairly well.
Caruana won rather easily against Tomashevsky to get back to 50% score.

Today I was black against co-leader Radjabov. He played the Scotch opening and took on c6. I did not have any problems from the opening. When he castled short I think black is already slightly better despite white.s bishop pair. I felt good and played rather quickly (which is somewhat risky). One advantage is of course that he was not allowed to think much on my time.
He initially decided to defend passively. I made slow but steady progress, and after the time control he went for a4 for some activity as the position was unpleasant for white.
I don.t know exactly were he went wrong, maybe fxg4 was a mistake. Anyhow, before the second time control I managed to make the decisive break-through and he resigned before we had to get new notation sheets on move 60:-) After such a long tournament break, it felt great to win again.
Aronian-Morozevich was the other decisive game today. Morozevich made an interesting pawn sacrifice. Next Aronian sacked a piece for 3 more pawns, but short on time he made several mistakes. Morozevich finished the game in great style to take the sole lead with 4 points. I.m shared 2nd with Kramnik and Radjabov at 3 points.
We celebrated watching Portugal-Denmark at Friday.s.

Thursday I have the white pieces against Aronian, the world ranked number 2. Hopefully another exciting game!

Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 13th, 2012