The game of the day in round 3 was Aronian-McShane. I have personally experienced how dangerous McShane can be with the white pieces and yesterday he proved his capabilities with black as well. He sacrificed an exchange for compensation and despite his usual time-trouble he managed to find the right plan and won beautifully.
Morozevich also deserved praise for keeping his cool with his king under attack from Grischuk and joined Radjabov in the lead with 2.5/3.
It is no coincidence that I.m only coming to my own game now. I really tried to create something against Caruana.s Grunfeld Defence. I accepted a broken pawn structure to get the bishop pair. After one or two minor inaccuracies I had to put the brakes on and allow simplifications to a drawn opposite color bishop ending. I.m shared 4th with Aronian at 1.5 points.
Anyhow, I enjoy being back playing tournament chess, hopefully my form will improve throughout the event.
Today.s a freeday with round 4 coming up Tuesday. I.m white against Grischuk.
Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 11th, 2012