I drew as black against Morozevich today. The result is acceptable but the opening blunder not so. Once (yesterday) is a fluke, two days in a row is a concern.
I spent about 10 minutes on Nd7? in the opening just to discover that I had missed his resource Kd1. I cannot take on a2 with the queen.
The remaining 30 moves to the time control was an uphill struggle with a passive position and nothing to do but defend. I did manage to defend reasonable well, and when, short on time, he erred on move 40, I was suddenly better due to the passed h-pawn. It felt good to finally be in the driving seat, but he managed to draw quite comfortably in the end.
Radjabov won in style with black against McShane to take the sole lead with 2/2 having beaten both the two lowest rated players.
Kramnik won against Grischuk to take shared 2nd place with Aronian and Morozevich.
I.ll have the white pieces in round 3 (Caruana) and 4 (Grischuk).

Plenty of high level sport on TV these days. I specifically look forward to lots of European Championship football and the last Miami-Boston basketball playoff.

Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 9th, 2012