This is already the 7th Tal Memorial. I participated in the 1st edition, back in 2006. It was my first top level tournament, a great experience despite the -2 score. I also took part in 2007 (50% score), 2009 (+2 and shared 2nd place) and 2011 (my first victory, on tie-break ahead of Aronian).

In the Nimzo-Indian opening against Kramnik today, I made a serious mistake early in the middle game. Capturing with the e-pawn on move 14 would have given me a small longterm advantage. I wanted more and went Qxd4? as I had missed his threat Nxb3 three moves later. Instead of playing a pawn down without enough compensation, I went for the dangerous-looking 16.Nf4 having seen the perpetual that ended the game on move 23.
We both missed 17.. Nd5, and I would have been in trouble. Maybe Kramnik could have played on in the final position as well, although he was low on time and we both evaluated the position after g5 fxe3 etc as acceptable for white.
Amazingly all the other games ended 1-0. Aronian seemed worse at one point but managed to outplay Nakamura in the late middle game. Radjabov trapped Tomashevsky.s knight nicely. Grischuk simply outplayed McShane, and Morozevich won an interesting battle with Caruana.
I.m black against Morozevich Saturday at 3 pm Moscow time.

Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 8th, 2012