There.s a free day coming up tomorrow. We have played another three rounds since the first free day. For me round 4 to 6 represent a step in the right direction.
Today Levon Aronian played the Berlin wall against 1.e4. He used to play the Marshall attack regularly but seems to have changed his repertoire.
After he surprisingly played b5 I was quite optimistic about my prospects. His queenside pawn majority was immobilized, and I could try to exploit my extra kingside pawn. Levon defended accurately and when I finally enjoyed a passed pawn in the f-file, he could simply sacrifice an exchange and put his knight on d5 achieving a fortress. I tried for another 20 moves without making progress. Draw.
Sole leader Morozevich had a promising position against Nakamura but lost in the end.
Kramnik was putting pressure on Tomashevsky throughout the endgame. When the latter finally had solved his problems he blundered badly and had to suffer rook against queen. Kramnik joined Morozevich in the lead with 4/6 while I.m shared third half a point behind together with Radjabov and Caruana (who beat McShane in a fighting game).
Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, June 14th, 2012