Today I.ll keep the blog entry in line with the game against Anand, short.
A long night sleep and I felt great before the round today. Not a bad idea as black against reigning World Champion V.Anand despite his solid but somewhat lackluster performance thus far.
Finally he shifted to 1.d4 against me and I went for the popular Grü defense. He chose 8.Qd2 and I tried to remember what to do next. I went for the most solid line with cxd4 and Nc6, and with some precise albeit fairly obvious moves the position was equal around move 20 as I controlled the c-file compensating for his advanced central pawns. Without much prospects for any of us moves were repeated shortly after. Draw.
Overall the round was somewhat dry, but Ivanchuk won a nice game against Nakamura to make it a five-way tie for first with two rounds to go.
After a tasty meal at TGI Friday´s I look forward to the game against same aged Nepomniachtchi tomorrow.
Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, November 23th, 2011