As he is the next World Championship contender, it is always interesting to play against Boris Gelfand.

He deviated from our recent game in Tal Memorial castling short leading to a quiet position this time. I had the benefit of the bishop pair and a small but pleasant advantage. Peter Heine taught me long ago that these structures favor the bishop pair.
After some maneuvering I made a mistake with Nf4 as I had missed that Nd3 could be meet by Qd4 and the advantage was gone as I had to go back to e2. But, he was getting short on time and fortunately soon after gave me a pawn with Nd7 and the exchange of queens. After a few more inaccuracies from black I won another pawn. When he allowed a5 giving me a passed pawn he simply resigned.

It is usually dark when the games finish and with heavy weather outside I spend a lot of time in the hotel room. Fortunately internet works well!
Karjakin continued his roller coaster tournament winning against Topalov despite being much worse in the middle game. Kamsky beat Navara while the rest of the games ended draw so I'm back in the shared lead with Aronian with 5/7. Sunday I'm black against Radjabov who is 3rd at 4.5.
Magnus Carlsen, Wijk, January 21st