For those of us who haven.t had a .bye. yet, we are at the half way mark of the 4th London Chess Classics.
With 3 wins and a draw, I haven.t had a tournament start this good since Nanjing 2009! (Okay 4/5 in Nanjing 2010 comes close.) Hopefully I can finish the tournament in style as usual.
In round 4 Tuesday I was white against G.Jones, and I avoided mainlines with the 4.Qxd4 Sicilian. I went for a Maroczy set-up and was quite happy with my position after 17.Ba3. (We had both missed that Rf6 with the plan Bxc5 Re6 might actually work for black). Gawain prefers sharp positions and not surprisingly he sacrificed his queen for a knight and a bishop enjoying significant compensation and excellent piece coordination. At this point he was already getting low on time. If had had more time, his prospects could well have been good as it was not easy for white to untangle and get activity without giving back material. I chose the double-edged 20. Nd2 (instead of the less dangerous Rb1 offering an exchange) and he soon started to play some inaccuracies. My play wasn.t perfect either but enough to round him up before the first time control. 3-0. Aronian finally got started by winning a great fight against McShane with the black pieces.
On the rest day I.m sore leader with 10 points ahead of Kramnik with 8 and Adams 7 (with one game less).
My manager told me there has been a lot of coverage of the tournament in the Norwegian press and that is great news for chess!
Thursday I.m black against M.Adams. Amazingly he scored 3 points last year and now he has 7 points in 3 rounds!
Magnus Carlsen, London, December 5th, 2012