We arrived in Bilbao yesterday in warm weather but with some serious lighting and thunder. Today the summer continues, the weather is beautiful and the temperature still 25 oC plus.

Congratulations to Ukraine! As I expected (and predicted before the event) they won the open group.
I left the Olympiad behind mentally after my last game and it really feels like ages ago already. I.m highly motivated to start the 6-rounds Bilbao Grand Slam Final tomorrow.
The opening ceremony took place outside the famous Guggenheimer museum. By the time I picked up the last piece with start numbers attached below, only number four was left. Hence Shirov is white against Anand and I.m black against Kramnik tomorrow at 16:30 in round 1.

Bilbao, and the E4 chess club have already staged high level events several years in a row, and this is my third appearance. In 2007 I came third in the blindfold event after X.Bu and S.Karjakin and in the Grand Slam Final in 2008 Topalov won ahead of me and Aronian.

Magnus Carlsen, Bilbao, October 8th, 2010