In May I visited New York for the first time, and I sure didn´t mind going back for the Raw World Chess Challenge. It is an amazing city and the view from the Cooper Square hotel where we´re staying, is remarkable.

In the RAW World Chess Challenge taking place at the rooftop of the hotel, the three strong Grandmasters H.Nakamura, M. Vachier Lagrave and J. Polgar made candidate moves and via internet .the world. made the choice.
It was quite interesting but after .the world. recaptured with the c-pawn on d5 in the KID variation, I had a comfortable game. Later when I went for the flashy Nb6 variation, g4 would have been a safer option but it was enough to secure victory after 40+ moves and 2.5 hours play. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

The spectacular surroundings, Garry Kasparov and Maurice Ashley live comments, Liv Tyler attending the closing ceremony and the huge international press coverage made it the most impressive chess event I´ve attended. G-star: Thank you very much for organizing this event!

Today I enjoy following the US Open on TV but will do some sightseeing in the coming days before the Fashion week G-star event on September 14th and the Arctic Securities Simul on the 15th.
Magnus Carlsen, New York, September 11th, 2010