I think this is my best round robin tournament start ever with 5.5/6 (or 16 points with football score)!
Yesterday I wasn.t very optimistic for most of the game having blundered a pawn in the opening as black against M.Adams. Fortunately I got some compensation for the pawn, and he spent most of his clock time before move 30 to reach a better endgame. He withdrew his well-placed knight from c6 probably fearing it could be misplaced in case of a black counter attack. At this point I could have played Bc5 liquidating into a drawn ending, while instead I tried to keep the tension until the time control. I regained the pawn, and after the exchange of rooks on e3 black is slight better. With no time left, he blundered his e-pawn on move 40. The pawn-up queen ending is probably won for black. Anyhow I managed to win without too much problems.
Kramnik won convincingly against McShane to stay in close pursuit.
Today I managed to avoid mistakes in the opening☺,
Against my 1.c4 Judith Polgar chose a hedgehog-like set-up and was probably fine until g6? which left her Nf8 without squares.
A few moves later I was happy to find Nf2 after which black is in some trouble. She went for the tempting response Bg5 threatening to win a pawn, but it fails to Rf1 due to the ensuing white kingside attack! Her king got stuck on h8. I got both rooks to the 7th rank, and eventually she had to swap one of them to stay alive but without any counterplay. 3-0.
Aronian seemed to be have chances as white in the Berlin against Kramnik, but when he allowed Kramnik to unwind, the usual black structural advantage came into play and Aronian in the end had to struggle to reach a draw.
Anand seemed to be in better shape yesterday easily outplaying Jones in a tactical Grunfeld but blundered mate against M.Adams just after the time control today to fall back to 50% score.
There has been an enormous amount of decisive games in this tournament. In addition to my 5 wins, both Kramnik and Adams have 3 each and Nakamura 2 just to mention the top four thus far.
Saturday I have the black pieces against Nakamura at 2 pm local time. Stay tuned!

Magnus Carlsen, London, December 7th, 2012