I.ve won Nanjing 2010 with one round to go!
Black against Topalov was likely to be a significant hurdle and my opponent did play very well in the opening and early middle game in the Catalan with 4. Bxd2. With time running below 30 minutes and close to 20 moves left he swapped queens at the wrong moment as he probably had missed Rb2! The position was still balanced but he continuously had to watch out for tactical motifs and blundered badly with Rc3 which lost to Nxf2+. My first victory with black in this tournament.
The other games ended draw, and hence my 6.5/9 points secures tournament victory before the last round where I.m white against Gashimov.
Bearing in mind mediocre results in the Olympiad and in Bilbao, I was highly motivated before the tournament and I am of course tremendously happy with the result so far in Nanjing.
Magnus Carlsen, October 29th, 2010