Wang Yue is the highest rated Chinese player, we have already met in many top level events. Early 2009 he beat me twice, later won several times including twice in Bazna in June.
He is a solid player and as expected he went for the Petroff against 1.e4. I chose a sideline with 3.d4 and he went for the sharp variation with Ng4, Qh4, Bh2+ and sacrificed the knight on f2 for a pin against my queen and rook. I was a bit surprised as this is considered to be better for white, maybe he didn.t know the actual line in detail. He got a rook and two pawns for the knight and bishop, but his pieces did not coordinate well. After the exchange of queens I could take his c-pawn and still be able to trap the annoying intruder on d1. A piece down facing the loss of both the f and d-pawn he resigned.
Anand and Bacrot won with black (against Topalov and Gashimov) and the field has stretched. I.m still in the lead with 2.5/3 ahead of Anand at 2 and Bacrot at 1.5.
We celebrated my victory with dinner downtown Nanjing.
Saturday I have black against Gashimov.

Magnus Carlsen, Nanjing, October 22th, 2010