Nanjing Pearl Spring 2010 finished, Tal WC Blitz next
The early 10 am start of the last round of the Nanjing tournament didn.t stop the players from showing excellent fighting spirit.
Anand outplayed Bacrot with the white pieces to take clear second (with Bacrot clear third), while Wang Yue came very close to his first Nanjing victory. He outplayed Topalov, won a piece, but squandered it all in the time trouble and lost.
I had white against Gashimov and didn.t have much of an advantage from the opening. Allowing him to capture on e4, the position opened up and his queenside pawns on dark squares became vulnerable. He lost (or sacrificed) a pawn to gain counterplay on the kingside. I missed an opportunity to enter a promising rook and knight ending a pawn up, and instead he traded rooks to reach a drawn but somewhat tricky ending. The queens and opposite-colored-bishop-ending a pawn down proved manageable for him, especially after I wasted a tempo with Qc7+ and a draw was reached after 71 moves.
Clear first with 7/10 and a 10 rating point gain made the tournament highly successful for me, and the 24 hours travel back home went smoothly.
In many respects the Nanjing tournament was a top-level event of the absolute highest class and I.d like to thank the organizer for the great event.
In November I look forward to the Tal Blitz World Championship 16th- 18th in Moscow as well as possibly some pleasant activities with my main sponsors Arctic Securities and Simonsen lawfirm.
Finally I'm happy to present my brand new official website,
Hope you will check it out☺,.
Magnus Carlsen, Haslum, November 1st, 2010