The Bilbao tournament was a well-organized Grand Slam Final but one cannot help being impressed by the grandeur of the Nanjing Grand Slam tournament. The opening ceremony took place in the main TV building in Nanjing and was broadcast live (unless misunderstood). A highly spectacular show, great artists.
The drawing of lots took place at the technical meeting on the 18st, and round 1 featured Anand . Wang Yue, Carlsen - Bacrot and Topalov . Gashimov.
Against Etienne Bacrot, France (2716) I played the Scotch opening as last year in round 1 of Nanjing. Again I managed to surprise my opponent and Etienne spent more than an hour on the clock before I was out of preparation. Moving his bishop twice in a row to get via d7 to e6 tells you he had problems finding a good plan. After the central breakthrough e5, with several subsequent exchanges my position was clearly better. With open lines to his king he had to give his queen and a pawn for rook and bishop and resigned as my f-pawn started to march. Great start, and Thursday I.m black against Anand, again at 14:30 local time.

Magnus Carlsen, Nanjing, October 20th, 2010