I think it is fair to say that this tournament turns into a great and enjoyable event in all respects.
Personally I really enjoy the games, the ambience of the playing hall and the knowledgeable spectators.
Ivanchuk-Carlsen was another exciting and hard fought game and the same can be said about nearly all the games today. Maybe the minimum 40 moves rule really makes a difference.
Ivanchuk played a Grunfeld sideline that is not considered to be dangerous for black. After b5! the initiative is already with black, and Ivanchuk had to be careful to avoid getting seriously worse. Anyhow I managed to get a significantly better endgame and expected to find a way to break through as all white pieces were passive. I probably missed the best opportunity and after several attempts were successfully parried by Ivanchuk, I made a huge oversight with Bxd4. I did not see his obvious response Rd2 until after having made the blunder. Fortunately Bc3 giving up the rook still holds for black. A nice stalemate ended the game. Draw after 6,5 hours fun and hard work.
Check out Karjakin-Svidler for a short but highly enjoyable game!

Monday is a rest day and we are still four players sharing the lead with four rounds to go.

Magnus Carlsen, Moscow, November 20th, 2011