People say top chess is becoming younger, but it doesn.t show in the top10. only 3 players below 30 in this tournament. The Armenian Levon Aronian (27), may very well be my fiercest competitor when the .old. guard retires. had several tense encounters already and after he eliminated me from both the World Cup in 2004 (I was just 13) and the World Championship Candidate Matches in 2007, won quite a number of games to have a positive score in our classical encounters.
Today I was not in much of a fighting mood and was quite happy to play a relatively short but somewhat complicated drawn game against him despite having the white pieces.
I.m starting to feel somewhat better this evening after a few days with a sore throat and also fever.
Tomorrow is a rest day and I hope to be back in good shape for round 5 on Tuesday.
Former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik won again and is leading with 3 out of 4. I.m still shared 4th with a 50% score.
Magnus Carlsen