After some snow this morning we had a rainy day in Moscow.
I played black against Boris Gelfand from Israel (born and raised in Belarus). At 41 he is the oldest player in the field.
My opening preparation worked well and at the crucial point Boris had to choose between a complicated game with chances for both sides and simplifications leading to a slightly better position for me. He chose the latter, but I soon concluded that my marginal advantage was insufficient to create serious winning chances. We traded off more material and entered a dead equal ending. Draw.
At this level it is not easy to win with black unless white complicates the game or makes some serious mistakes.
My main competitors Anand, Aronian and Kramnik all used the opportunity to win and they are sharing the lead with 2 points out of 3. I'm sharing 4th at 1,5 points and will have white against Aronian Sunday.
Magnus Carlsen