The first time I played reigning World Champion V.Anand in classical (7 hours) chess was in Corus, Holland in January 2007 and after an initial draw, I lost several games over the next 14 months. This year we played in Linares in February and I beat him for the first time. I also won our blindfold game in Amber in Nice in March.
Today I sacrificed a pawn in the opening for adequate compensation consisting of more space and better development. Anand quickly gave the pawn back, and the position was fairly balanced even if double edged. After an inaccuracy by the World Champion I missed one or two subtle chances to put some real pressure on him, and in the end I found nothing better than taking a perpetual check and a draw was agreed.
V.Kramnik won again and has 4,5 points ahead of Anand at 4. Ivanchuk and Gelfand both won to share 3rd at 3,5 while I.m sharing 5th with Aronian at 3 points with 3 rounds to go.
Magnus Carlsen